If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.

Business Tips for the Freelance Translator – Tools of the Trade

One of the easiest, and potentially most damaging things, for a freelance translator to forget is that he or she is, first and foremost, a small business person. This attitude seems especially prevalent in a field such as language services , with translators often self-identifying more as “professionals”...

Language Services Agencies: Does Size Really Matter?

In the grand scheme of language services, what are the real pros and cons of working with a small “boutique” agency versus a larger, more global one?
The answer will ultimately reside in the particular needs and priorities of the client who is seeking these services.
Here is a brief overview of what each of these models bring to the table:

Become a successful freelance translator

Once you have graduated and acquired the necessary credentials as a translator, you ought to take a couple of years of pragmatic involvement in a translation firm. In this setting, a senior translator will guide you as your manager, and help you in your advancement by assessing your qualities and shortcomings. This will help you amass all the vital aptitudes and capacities that are required for you to become a competent freelance translator.

6 tips on how to apply for freelance translator jobs online

Finding new sources of work and income is essential to a freelance translator. I tend to find that the very good translators are always busy. They work for a select group of clients who send them constant work. Such translators do not need to look for work-the work finds them. But even an excellent translator will hit a dry spell at some point and will start to look for new clients.

How to beat your competitors to the global market – our top tips

In today’s competitive business environment, it pays to be the first company to market with a new product or service. Here are our tips on how to beat your competitors and take full advantage of global opportunities in your sector.
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