Un homme qui parle une langue vaut un homme; un homme qui parle deux langues vaut deux hommes; un homme qui en parle trois vaut toute l'humanité.

6 things that should always be professionally translated

Translation for Global Markets? What?
So you think you have the next biggest, baddest, soon-to-be-viral-and-globally-trending mobile app. You prepare your press release, media kit, and have all your ducks in a row for the big release. It finally hits consumer markets and – …. sales suck. Big time. Your ROI is little more than enough to buy a new toaster.

10 of the best words in the world that have no English translation

Whilst English is the world’s most used language, that doesn’t mean that every word in the English tongue has a direct translation of words found in other languages.
In fact, there are lots of rich, descriptive words that have no English translation at all.
For example, consider the following ten words…

The ‘Palette à la diable’* or the importance of translating restaurant menus

Tourists and holiday-makers have become increasingly sophisticated, both in their choices of destination and in the kinds of experiences they seek. While package holidays still abound, with their carefully orchestrated and predictable offerings, more and more vacations are being planned, plotted and booked online by individuals with their own particular interests.
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