If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.

6 tips on how to apply for freelance translator jobs online

Finding new sources of work and income is essential to a freelance translator. I tend to find that the very good translators are always busy. They work for a select group of clients who send them constant work. Such translators do not need to look for work-the work finds them. But even an excellent translator will hit a dry spell at some point and will start to look for new clients.

How to beat your competitors to the global market – our top tips

In today’s competitive business environment, it pays to be the first company to market with a new product or service. Here are our tips on how to beat your competitors and take full advantage of global opportunities in your sector.

Untranslatability in translation or when a word has no good equivalent

I have already talk about words that were so closely tied to a certain country’s sporting event, they are inevitably used internationally in their original language.
But how about words that don’t translate at all because the situation they grew out of just doesn’t exist elsewhere?

Crappy Translation Can Kill You

The title may sound like a dramatic hyperbole created simply to be a catchy headline – and yes, it is. But it’s also a dramatic catchy headline that happens to be true. This year we’ve been covering a variety of topics regarding mistranslations, language service oversights and translation mistakes. Several articles were published revealed a few of the most severe translation blunders, and some of the most public business translation mistakes.

Transcription: Everything you need to know

Transcription, as used in the literary community, refers to the process of turning an audio file into a written one. The audio file may contain text spoken by just one person or by multiple people. Video files can also require transcription. There are often times when a professional translator is asked to transcribe a file prior to translating it. There are often times when a professional translator is asked to transcribe a file prior to translating it.
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