You've probably had to transcribe an audio or video recording before. If so, you know just how long and tedious the process can be. That's precisely where our transcription services can help you-we provide high-quality, fast transcription services.

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Transcription of videos and audio transcription into text

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Pop Translation offers to transcribe the audio content of your recordings (audio or video) in order to provide better distribution both locally and internationally.

Transcription definition

transcription ?

Transcription is the process of using a word processing tool to type out the text of the speech that is recorded on an audio or video file. The transcribed texts can then be used and translated for distribution on various international media.

Youtube transcription


Videos represent an increasingly large percentage of Internet traffic. They are published, shared, and often go viral on social media. They offer companies a new way for companies to communicate their message. Transcribing them makes them to more accessible.

Transcription method


We use the latest technologies and transcription methods to make the most of your time and budget.

video subtitles


Transcription is often used in subtitling videos, a technique that displays the text at the bottom of the screen, making audiovisual productions accessible to people who are hearing impaired.

Professional transcribers


The transcriptions that we produce accurately reflect your content. This level of precision begins with the selection of our team's transcribers.

Native and specialized transcribers

An international

We have an international network of native transcription experts, who specialize in a wide range of industries and markets.

Transcription cheaper than dubbing

A cost effective

Transcription (through subtitling) makes it possible to share the content of your videos with a foreign audience at very reasonable costs which are much less expensive than dubbing.

Quick turnaround of transcripts


Our clients value our fast turnaround times for transcribing their audio or video documents. While turnaround times vary depending on the size of the order, we can deliver your audio or video transcripts within 24 hours.

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