Certified translation is a service aimed at public institutions. To be recognized as an official translation, it must be prepared by expert translators. Our agency offers companies certified translations in 10 languages.

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Sworn translation services


As a specialized agency, we translate legal and financial documents for companies. The translations we deliver are produced by expert linguists.

Sworn translators


All our sworn translators have earned professional qualifications that allow them to certify documents. Each of them is on the list of experts of a Court of Appeal. They are also legally required to follow training to keep their skills up to date.

Translators specialized in the field of translation


A sworn translator cannot be a specialist in all fields, which is why it is up to our team of project managers to select the right specialist for your project.

Sworn expert translators


The Sworn Translator is a natural person registered on a list of experts drawn up by a special commission which meets, in general once a year, in the Courts of Appeal of France. The sworn translator is registered on the CEDESA list established by the public prosecutor of each High Court.

Translation from original documents


Documents translated by the sworn translator must be sent in paper form with his stamp and handwritten signature. These conditions are essential for the document’s validity.

Sworn translations


For the sworn translation of a document to be recognized, the seal and signature of the officially recognized translator must be affixed. Without the seal and handwritten signature, the document cannot be recognized as an official and legal document by French or foreign authorities.

Your legal documents are translated by expert translators and sworn translators. They guarantee the legal value of your documents and make them official for public authorities.

  • Court decisions

    Court rulings

  • Services by judicial officer

    Service of notice

  • Judicial conclusions

    Court Submissions

  • Summons to court translation


  • General terms and conditions of sale translation

    General Terms & Conditions

  • Annual reports

    Annual reports

  • Business plan translation

    Business plan

  • Balance sheets

    Balance sheets

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Contracts translation


Sworn translations in 10 languages

10 Languages

We translate and certify your content into 10 languages (French-English-Spanish-Italian-German-Portuguese-Polish-Russian-Turkish-Arabic). We only work with native speakers.

100 sworn translators


We work with nearly 100 sworn translators who appear on the official lists. Each of them has been rigorously selected.

Collaboration with legal networks


Our agency works with lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, auctioneers and companies’ legal and financial departments.

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